Fandom: Original - RP
Title: Broken Horns Broken Halo
Subject: Asmodeus, and Michael
Warnings: Possible language, and sexual themes in one of the songs.
Notes: Created by request from the player of Asmodeus for the game blueridge at insanejournal.
Disclaimer: Not Asmodeus, not Michael, not their player. Also not Jonathan Rhys Meyers, or Jared Leto.

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Fandom: X-Men: First Class
Title: Last Man Standing
Subject: Erik
Warnings: None. Possible spoilers if you squint very very hard
Mixers Notes: Made for the "At The Movies" prompt at sing_us_to_sleep.

Tracklisting, lyrics, and download link under the cut. )
Media: General
Subject: Big Bang Fic
Fandom: Original
Title: Home Town
Notes: Created for the Original Big Bang fic by martinphilosph. Most of the music on this mix is more dark ambient in nature to reflect the mood I received while reading the story; which reminded me quite a bit of the Silent Hill series.

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I was asked to create the art for [personal profile] penny's story Clockwork Utopia, an original fic, and a fantastic read.

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Medium: General
Subject: Heavy Metal
Title: The Gods Made Heavy Metal
Warnings: None
Notes: Dedicated to one of the best genres of music of all.

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Fandom: Cold Case
Subject: General
Title: Trial by Fire
Warnings: None
Notes: Created for the fanfiction "Trial by Fire" written by Toddsmitts.

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Even Heroes have the right to bleed )

Mix + HQ art can be downloaded here
Fandom: Cold Case
Subject(s): Lilly Rush, Scotty Valens, and Nick Vera
Title: The Beast Within
Warnings: Harsh language and violent imagery
Notes: Spoilers for season 7. Contains songs by Alice in Chains, Lacuna Coil, Soundgarden, and Lamb of God.

So, unfortunately CBS decided to cancel Cold Case this season. Aside from that, someone tell me that I'm not the only one who noticed just how vengeful, and messed up three of the detectives were, please? It was actually these character traits that inspired this mix.

Click on the link below to see the fullcover art, back cover, and songs.


Nothing seems to kill me... )
Fandom: Supernatural
Subject(s): Dean and Alastair
Title:: Images of Broken Light
Warnings: Some language, and mentions of violence in the songs.
Notes: A fanmix for the AU Big Bang fic, Images of Broken Light written by Amaresu.

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Click on the thumbnails to see the fullsize images.

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