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Fandom: Cold Case
Subject(s): Lilly Rush, Scotty Valens, and Nick Vera
Title: The Beast Within
Warnings: Harsh language and violent imagery
Notes: Spoilers for season 7. Contains songs by Alice in Chains, Lacuna Coil, Soundgarden, and Lamb of God.

So, unfortunately CBS decided to cancel Cold Case this season. Aside from that, someone tell me that I'm not the only one who noticed just how vengeful, and messed up three of the detectives were, please? It was actually these character traits that inspired this mix.

Click on the link below to see the fullcover art, back cover, and songs.


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Track list
01. Lacuna Coil - Closer
02. Tool - The Grudge
03. Jerry Cantrell - Anger Rising
04. Sentenced - The River
05. Megadeth - Die Dead Enough
06. A Perfect Circle - Passive
07. Lamb of God - Walk With Me in Hell
08. Life of Agony - Through and Through
09. Alice in Chains - All Secrets Known
10. Subterranean Masquerade - No Place Like Home
11. Soundgarden - Blowup the Outside World
12. Stonesour - Silly World

Lacuna Coil - Closer

Looking for a higher ground // Searching for this something missed before // From a higher ground // Will I fall in a right direction? // (Higher, searching for more) - (Lilly, Nick, and Scotty)

Early on in the season we knew that a number of things were going to go down. Perhaps, little did we know that Lilly, Scotty, and Nick would be facing some of the toughest issues in their careers.

Tool - The Grudge

Wear the grudge like a crown of negativity // Calculate what you will or will not tolerate // Desperate to control all and everything // Unable to forgive your scarlet lettermen (Lilly Rush)

When Lilly believed that her attempted murderer would be locked up until the trial, she was happy. When the judge released him on bail, she became upset, and this soon resulted in a grudge. Lilly was stalking him, and calling him in for various DUIs.

"I was just about to mess with you some more." - Lilly to Moe in WASP.

Jerry Cantrell - Anger Rising

Anger rising up inside him yet again // Tell me you've got a plan // Deaf and blind, I'm livin' with the lepers and // You wanna hold my hand? (Scotty Valens)

Scotty also had his own issues to deal with; mainly with his mother being attacked by a serial rapist. One could see the anger inside of him rising as he no doubt plotted his own revenge. "One of these days I may need you to have my back" = "You wanna hold my hand?"

Sentenced - The River

What can I do now except continue // and open a bottle once more // What can I do now except see this through // and float with the stream, off the shore // - see where the river will take me (Nick Vera)

Nick wasn't spared either. For the majority of the season his physical and mental health declined. Evidently distraught over something, Nick turned to alcohol for the moment.

Megadeth - Die Dead Enough

And now I am more driven than before // And now I live just to settle score // And now I feel the nearness of your breath // Now I introduce you to your death (Lilly, Scotty, Nick)

All three of the detectives managed to have someone killed. Lilly Rush seemed relieved when Hank Miller killed Moe. Scotty Valens had no problems with getting his mom's attacker stabbed to death. Nick Vera has to share the responsibility of getting an innocent man killed.

A Perfect Circle - Passive

Leaning over you here // Cold and catatonic // I catch a brief reflection // Of what you could and // might have been // It's your right and your ability // To become my perfect enemy
(Lilly Rush)

In episode 7x14 'Metamorphosis' one could almost see the relief on Lilly's face when she found out that Moe had been killed. However, was there a small part of her that was disappointed? We'll never know.

Lamb of God - Walk With Me in Hell

Pray for solace // Pray for resolve // Pray for a savior // Pray for deliverance // Some kind of purpose, a glimpse of a light in this void of existence (Scotty Valens)

When Scotty finds his mother's attacker, not only does he beat the guy up, but he ultimately gets him killed.

Life of Agony - Through and Through

Someday they'll see, someday I'll be // Unwanting of somewhere to hide // But for now I'll take shelter // Deep in the back of my mind // Can it wait? Can't you wait? // 'Cause I ain't ready to lay it on the line // I still shake, I still shake // From this chill in my spine (Nick Vera)

We didn't know what exactly was going on with Nick this season. All we knew was that he was having problems of some sort. Little did many of us realize that he was over-racked with guilt.

Alice in Chains - All Secrets Known

There's no going back to the place we started from // All secrets known (Scotty Valens)

Scotty had someone killed, he may as well have done it himself, but this secret won't last forever.

Subterranean Masquerade - No Place Like Home

I'm digging myself, a small hole, will call it home // We'll get a dark purple carpet so I will never fall, will never sink inside this hole // and make it be a part of me, a part of you, a part of us... // So join me in my home

A bit of a continuation of the explanation from "Through and Through"

Soundgarden - Blowup the Outside World

Someone tried to tell me something // Don't let the world bring you down // Nothing will do me in before I do myself // So save it for your own and the ones you can help (Lilly Rush)

The seven seasons of Cold Case proved that practically nothing could bring Lilly down. She's been mind-raped (The Woods); been shot (Stalker); and had her car knocked off the bridge, and into the river (The Long Blue Line, and Into the Blue.) Season 7 showed us that the only one that can bring Lilly down, is Lilly herself.

Stonesour - Silly World

All we ever do is talk // We like to ride but never walk // We make it so damn easy // We get bored // Why can't anybody see // What's good for you is good for me // I can't take your sillyworld // I can't take your sillyworld no more
(Lilly, Scotty, Nick)

Closing track. The beasts have been locked back in their respective cages, but for how long?

The entire tracklist can be downloaded here.



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